Faculty Adoptions

Your timely adoption helps lower the cost of textbooks down for our students. It lowers the cost because it allows us to offer more buying options like rental and used books. It also helps lower the cost because students receive a higher buyback price on books that are being used again.

There are two ways to submit your book adoption for the next semester.

1. You may submit your textbook orders using the same form you’ve always used. This will always be an option, if you like using the old form, you can keep it. =)

Click here to fill out & submit the College form to request textbooks.
(Password protected with email id/password.)

2. You may submit your textbook adoptions via our new online system. This system, MBS Books, allows you to research textbook options and see the price the students will pay for textbooks. It also lets you see the available purchase options available for our students for each book. (used, guaranteed buyback, rental and e-books for example)

If you would like to try the new system, please let us know and we’ll send you a log in and instructions. You can email Liz Amos for your log in. We are happy to assist you in any way. Liz will continue to review each order and check it as she always does before the final submission.

Click here to log into the new MBS Books System: